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Similarly, with the do more cleaning thing theres plenty of plausible deniability, because living with someone who doesnt pick up after themselves sucks. Sorry for the mix-up! Its ok to challenge yourself sometimes and then hang out in your comfortable space! Its like saying well, be careful not to be happy. Congratulations on all the work you have done and everything you have accomplished. What places in the city do you love going to most? Wow, what a trainwreck/mindfuck. Give him some space to take care of his things and do what he needs to do before you start making demands on how much time he should be spending with you or expecting that your relationship will always come first every single time without question. It also meant i felt comfortable telling him things as they came up, instead of hiding them or lying because I knew I could trust his reaction. Maybe you can get into the routine of attending a kickboxing or yoga class twice a week together. 2. And the autocorrect version.). And not, like, a GOOD parent, either. Some people need their partner to be less than them so they feel secure. 2. Not because Ive been on the receiving endactually quite the opposite, as I was in a relationship with someone who was constantly miserable and did absolutely nothing to try and rectify it. he told me to give him space but i feel like he is mad with me and ignoring me; My boyfriend and i have been together 6 months and we had a big fight on the weekend. I've compiled a list of 7 signs you need to stop trying to save a failing relationship. Maybe this will be a huge relief and weight of your boyfriends shoulders once he knows he doesnt have to be responsible for your wellbeing. Having a life outside of your relationship is important for both parties. Tell Him Why You Don't Like Her. As someone wisely said much upthread, this choice doesnt directly effect me, so it is not my business. The boyfriend may well not be reasonable. Exactly. And throughout this time, avoid distractions such as social media. ), how long would you live like this? Low self-esteem. It can be a nice, easy way to do social. They're Cold To You And more than. He used to be the one who cheered you up when you were down, but now he is also always in a bad mood. The hurt and pain are felt by both people involved, but if your ex regrets what happened, they might be looking to get a reaction out of you. Or maybe, like so many men, he just expects the woman to do most of the housework. This right here: to the point that he says its the stupidest thing hes ever heard is verbal abuse. Also, are his goals for you actually about you or are they all about him? I think it was the good Captain herself who referred to an ex as an interactive 3D display of how badly I was feeling about myself at the time. If you decide that its not, then break up with him and move on. I dont think that his intent upset or control you but a desire for you to do better born from a internal selfishness that it would make his life better or easier. Now youre healing and getting better, and he doesnt have the control he used to! Personally, I dont like relationships where I am treated like that. Go to a concert and it doesnt have to be Jay-Z and Beyonce. Weve been through some really hard times and some very good and stable times. I spent four years in a relationship like that, where nothing was ever good enough and taking steps to be a better Me was met with derision and controlling behaviours, and I know so much how hard it is. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Get him to chase you instead." That is good friendly advice but there's a little more to it than that. Then, at the end of any date, I got this huge guilt trip if I didnt show gratitude. What can I say to make him want me again? You need to sit down (maybe with your therapist) and make an objective list of all the nice things he is, versus all the things that are hurting you. NOTHING YOU DO IS GOOD ENOUGH! What the fuck? And when everything was totalled up the answer was no. Also there are lots of little red flag actions that fly beneath the radar because they are for us a normal and acceptable part of life other people are perhaps more likely to spot them and run a mile. And its going to be almost impossible to dump him because youre so invested in him but you arent going to get better if he keeps breathing down your neck. It took a while, but he doesnt do it much any more. Discussing how the medications and counseling actually work in the context of the disease helped him understand that I was doing what I needed to do and gave him some appropriate ways to offer assistance. So even if what LW does affected her bf a lot (and it doesnt), the two of them putting themselves in the position of BF polices LW is bad for both of them. Anonymous: Anonymous wrote:Asexual people are asexual- they don't want sex even when the relationship is new and exciting. The human incarnation of depression is just what I was thinking. LW, I agree with a lot of the commentators that this may be an irredeemable situation, but it may help to tell your boyfriend what he can do to help. Id run away and never read Captain Awkward again, probably, with my Jerkbrain cackling in the background gleefully. We are high maintenance and needy, its all caused by our hormones (and that somehow makes it funny/unimportant), we are dismal and pathetic. Remote kissing device for long-distance lovers, invented and patented by Chinese university student in Changzhou City.The mouth-shaped module, served as an inducing area . Don't let your wishes control your thoughts and feelings. I am so mad at you for having cancer! See the problem? When he would not go to counseling with me, I went by myself. He wouldnt criticize you and dismiss your choices as being inferiorhed show a genuine interest in the improvements you are making for yourself and be supportive of them instead of tacking on a bunch of additional repairs that would suit his (personal, clearly individual) view of How His Life Would Be Better If You Would Just Upgrade Already. Or is he blaming his own ambivalence about the relationship on you and your past depression? Yes, seconded. Neither of us ever has to do anything because the other is doing it and expects participationonly a prior agreement (or an obvious necessity like bills, housework or cooking) confers obligation. In this case, his schedule may actually not allow much free time at all right now. Flags everywhere! And what am I doing while Im waiting for her to stop the one-sided argument Im passively agreeing to? You have a conversation, maybe two, maybe several and nothing seems to be wrong. So this guy is trying everything he can to fix the LWbut since depression makes people act against their best interests, the boyfriend doesnt trust said LW to deal with this on their own. For example, wed be driving home from a fun night out with friends and he would tell me all of the things I had said that *could have* been offensive to someone there. Im glad the accidentally-posted link might be of use to you, and Im sorry that youre dealing with stuff similar to Drownings letter. At first, these negative aspects of our relationship were very minor. Except now the LW is in therapy, things are getting better, the LW has a handle on it allbut Boyfriend still hasnt internalized this. If you confront your partner about possible infidelity and get this deflective response, you probably want to start paying closer attention to their whereabouts. Controlling me became an end in its own right, because it flattered his ego. It could simply be as simple as the fact that neither one of you feels attracted towards each other any longer. Stating your boundaries might just bring his own discomfort into the open. The sex may not dwindle, but the cuddling will. Hell, take steps to meet some new people anyway. Do yourself a favor. This is not a democracy. You can get this functionality for treadmills and ellipticals, too; if anyone is looking for home exercise equipment and if you can swing it, I wholeheartedly recommend it. ), other peoples feelings are not an argument I can have theyre an axiom, or a postulate, or a piece of evidence I have inferred but theyre not a fucking argument. Hes demanding you account for the stuff you do when hes not there, and is a condescending asshole about it. That was published just a few weeks after I dumped my ex for basically being both of those LWs SOs. First, lets consider the signs youll notice when your boyfriend stops making an effort. If he realizes how much fun his girlfriend is and misses the way she used to make him laugh all the time, hell come crawling back to you. His schedule may simply become too full and leave no room for romance. Theres no discussion or debate or simply respect for holding different views; he simply insulted your view in a way that seems designed to shut you up. If hes not pulling his weight, then this is an attempt to manipulate you into doing all the work. Sometimes when Im feeling bad I take on some momentary discomfort as an investment in my future happiness. Oh LW, you are so strong to have come so far and I know the Captain and Awkward Army are all rooting for you whatever you decide. He agreed it might help, and I immediately went out and got them and it did help. Well, thats it, isnt it? From the information we have from the letter, Id say theres an incorrect assumption hiding in there. Despite all this he was in many ways not a bad guy. Im struggling to find good ways to respond to my boyfriend when he tells me what I should or need to be doing. Also the related ones of oh, everyone feels like that [i.e. It sounds like BF is unhappy with the relationship, but feels like LW has it in her control to make the relationship better, so he is taking it out on her for not being the idealized version of herself. Yeah, my dad did things like that to me as a kid and it was bad. Apologise, and never say that to me again.. Its still manipulation. Thats such an underhand control technique, as is the not-so-subtle belittling that happens in the guise of help.. 1) It really doesnt appear to be helping you (being berated and controlled is bad for humans) Its inexcusable in any of those forms!!! Do you want my help with remembering to do X? Feeling bad when you are in a stressful situation doesnt make you bad, it makes you normal. But when theres anger, that flips the whole dynamic on its head. And doing more productive self care is often incredibly hard. I think doing the opposite of that can also be helpful. What did you just say to me? But I didnt realize just how miserable his misery was making me until it got to the point where I was rolling my eyes at him and dismissing comments (not always out loud, but sometimes) as being stupid or idiotic. It wasnt until a few months of this that I realized just how acutely disrespectful my words and actions were, and it took another few weeks before I finally put together that continuing to live with someone for whom Id lost all respect wasnt doing either one of us any favors. Which is precisely what he sounds like. This is emotionally manipulative behavior. LW, you dont need someone who will put up with you, you need and DESERVE someone who youre willing to put up with. I make weird concoctions of things that are in the house, and if theyre tasty they make it into the regular rotation! Hlepy is a word I learned over at Making Light. I hope what the various letter writers get out of this sort of advice is perhaps support that what feels uncomfortable and off to them in a way that's hard to describe is actually terrible no good behaviour. He also once painted a portrait of Hitler, which has got to be one of the worlds most dubious claims to fame! Everything I do in therapy has been trying to build confidence, motivation, and self-respect from within and stop relying exclusively on it externally, and then I go home and grapple with someone telling me that I need to do these things to be better. If you're not ready, he needs to chill or go find some other hole to fill. It took me over 12 years to learn that. Thank you for the link. Texting my buddies to see if they are doing something, anything, I can join up with and get out of this situation. I went through a phase when I asked him if he was feeling depressed almost every day at a point when he was beginning to feel better. He never mansplains, but he longsplains. Good luck LW, positive thoughts your way! This was highlighted in the response, but what JUMPED out at me was the bf not wanting the LW to be comfortable, because fuuuuck that. Sometimes weve done well when he asks me what I think Im doing. When he talks to me like that, it starts to cancel out all my confidence.

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